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    Women on women training

    We pride ourselves on entry level training for women. In this rough tuff world of guns one might be intimidated by a new environment and a sport that has largely been for men in the past. Well, this is the new now and people need to protect themselves. You are the first responder in your life. Let's get it right. Contact us to see what is the best training for your individual needs. 

    Coming Events

    Gun 101 will be conducting classes in a verity of shooting disciplines. Our "list" will be posted on the 1st of July. Please return soon and join us in improving gun safety within the community. 

    What gun should I buy?

    That's a loaded question for sure. It depends on what your objective is. We make nothing off a gun sale and we can tell you 100% its okay to own more than one gun. In our class we will cover a verity of options that best fit your individual needs. 

    Self defense Training

     Gun 101 often teaches advance self protection. Cole has instructed Don't be a victim for years now. The training is basic and complements the gun skills you will learn. 


    Why would gun 101 suggest new shooters attend local shooting competitions? Well, your not going to win the gold but there is no gold. First and last pays the same. Its simply a measurement of your skill level in a semi stressed environment. 

    Right to bear arms

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a FREE State, the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to KEEP and BEAR Arms, shall NOT be INFRINGED