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    What we can do for YOU!

    Gun Training Beginner to Advanced

    Gun101 has partnered with Shooters Like Us in order to provide basic to advance instruction in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville). We will also travel to your area provided you have adequate facilities in order to train and perform to standard safety.

    Where we start

    Gun101 offers a Basic gun training course for NEW shooters or people thinking about getting into the gun world for sport or self defense. We offer FULL training on ALL aspects of SAFE Gun Operation(s).  If you are a new shooter and do not have a pistol yet, arrangements can be made to rent one

    Future Events

    Gun101 has a primary goal to teach shooting safely, accurately and fast. We feel the best way to do this effectively is in competition. I know, I know, how can we talk about new shooters and competition in the next sentence? Well, it doesn't happen overnight but it is a measurable goal. You're not going to win the gold right off but the good news is there is no gold. 

    We simply want to provide you with a safe environment in order for you to test your skills to determine your progress month to month 

    Next Training Event

    More Details: This is a seven-hour course for safe gun handling that is conducted in the classroom only. Students are taught NRA’s four rules for safe gun handling; primary causes of firearms accidents; firearm parts; how to unload certain action types; ammunition components; cleaning; care; safe storage of firearms in the home; and the benefits of becoming an active participant in the shooting sports. Students will receive the Guns 101: A Beginner's Guide to Buying and Owning Firearms Book by David Steier, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, Basic Firearm Training Program brochure, and course completion certificate.

    Course cost $75.00 minimum class of four.  Email us for details or click to register.

    Real Testimonials

    I have been shooting guns for many years but I must say after I linked up with Cole and his staff at Gun 101 my skill level has increased 100 fold....... I highly recommend you make a commitment to improve your shooting skills and contact them as soon as you can to take advantage of what Gun 101 has to offer ALL shooters.     JP 


    What are range fees? Range fees depend on what range we are shooting at and what events we’re participating in. ALL fees will be published for each event. 

    What if I don’t have an item on the equipment list? Depends on the item. Contact us in advance of the training so we can work it out for you. 

    What if it rains the day of my class? If it is an outside class and we reschedule you will be permitted to make a future class at no additional expense to you.  

    Is ammo provided in the class price? No its not. You will be responsible to bring your own ammunition for each event you attend.

    When do I pay for the rest of the class after I put down a $50.00 deposit? 

    Although we prefer your pay in full before the class date, you may pay the deposit and then the balance at the day of the event. 

    How do I save myself a spot in a class?

    Classes are first come first served. Those who pay upon registration will be locked in for a seat. 

    Where do you hold your classes?

    Depends on what class you have requested. Different levels require different locations. This information will be posted well in advanced.