Ms Kerry,  Raleigh, NC  

I grew up in a hunting family. I was fortunate to have a father who encouraged his daughter to participate in shooting guns, so I've been shooting most of my life. I thought I was a pretty good shot, and in fact I was pretty good at a stationary target at indoor and outdoor ranges.
Then, I took lessons from Cole. I realized I had no training of shooting under stress, shooting moving targets and lacked basic tactical skills. I trained with Cole for several months and I can't believe the difference that it made.
It wasn't easy because I didn't want easy. I wanted perfection. I wanted him to critique my current skills, dismantle them and train me correctly. That's exactly what I got.
This is what I ultimately got after extensive training (as a woman):

1. Total Confidence of carrying and drawing my pistol in a safe and timely manner.
2. A better awareness of my surroundings.
3. Skills that taught me to break down and clean my weapon.
4. Skills and confidence to compete at Steel Challenge and IDPA, which has increased my speed and my ability to feel safe and confident shooting under stress, shooting behind cover, shooting moving targets, rapid drawing from a holster, always having my weapon pointed in a safe direction when moving, and shooting with a timer.

I feel that all law abiding people and especially women should have these skills. Our world is increasingly more dangerous. You may think you know how to shoot a gun. You may even have a concealed permit, but like me, until you actually have training to take it to the next level, you're going to have some doubts which could make you hesitate in an emergency.

I hope this helps other women realize the importance of training and the potential for a competitive sport that is tremendously fun. I recommend training with Bill Cole because you are going to get the basics down correctly and then constantly improve on them. Who better to learn from than a 30 year Army Vet! Good Luck, hope to see you at a competition. 

I have been shooting guns for many years but I must say after I linked up with Cole and his staff at Gun 101 my skill level has increased 100 fold....... I highly recommend you make a commitment to improve your shooting skills and contact them as soon as you can to take advantage of what Gun 101 has to offer ALL shooters.   - JP 

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