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At Gun101, we provide educational services to people at various skill levels, with the express purpose of increasing their confidence and competency pertaining to the safe use of a firearm.

About Us


What Do We Do?

Gun101 is a by-product of a Meet-Up group I organized years ago called Shooters Like Us. I continue to use that platform to bring people into the sport of shooting and self defense training as well as a variety of competitions and I highly recommend you join the TEAM. It's FREE. Simply log onto and request your FREE membership. I’d be grateful if you did.

The goal of Gun101, LLC is two-fold: to serve the new shooter and provide a "one stop shop" for ALL levels of shooters. Please return often and see what developments have manifested in the sport that might help you improve your skill set. 

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What Results Are You Looking For?

Gun101 teaches a variety of safe shooting disciplines using live ammo, as they may vary depending on pistol, rifle or shotgun.

Entry level students are well supervised and in a safe place. The fundamentals of shooting are learned first such as proper grip, having your gun pointed in a safe direction at all times even when moving, reloading, holstering and drawing, and cleaning your gun.

Perhaps you have been shooting a long time at the range and you feel that you are proficient at hitting a paper target. In Advanced shooting, you will be able to take your skills to a new and faster level.

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    Ms Kerry,  Raleigh, NC  

I grew up in a hunting family. I was fortunate to have a father who encouraged his daughter to participate in shooting guns, so I've been shooting most of my life. I thought I was a pretty good shot, and in fact I was pretty good at a stationary target at indoor and outdoor ranges. Then, I took lessons from Cole. I realized I had no training of shooting under stress, shooting moving targets and lacked basic tactical skills. I trained with Cole for several months and I can't believe the difference that it made.  It wasn't easy because I didn't want easy. I wanted perfection. I wanted him to critique my current skills, dismantle them and train me correctly. That's exactly what I got.  This is what I ultimately got after extensive training (as a woman):  

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Women on women training

 We pride ourselves on entry level training for women. In this rough tuff world of guns one might be intimidated by a new environment and a sport that has largely been for men in the past. Well, this is the new now and people need to protect themselves. You are the first responder in your life. Let's get it right. Contact us to see what is the best training for your individual needs.  


Future events

 The Basic Handgun course is intended for all individuals regardless of previous shooting experience and is available for delivery in two ways. One option is the traditional, instructor-led course where you will receive direct instruction from an NRA-certified instructor from beginning to end. The other option has two components: a self-study or which is completed online in your own timeframe and a hands-on practical portion 


Competition shooting

Why would gun 101 suggest new shooters attend local shooting competitions? Well, your not going to win the gold but there is no gold. First and last pays the same. Its simply a measurement of your skill level in a semi stressed environment. 



 My name is Billy COLE. People call me COLE. I started shooting at the tender age of seven. Served in the US Army for 30 years then went to work for NC Law Enforcement Support Services, Crime Control and Public Safety and the office of Homeland Defense. I then started a consulting company for Law Enforcement called USA Police Inc. where I worked with Law Enforcement agencies all over America. I'm an avid shooting competitor at a variety of venues as well as an NRA instructor and NRA Certified Range Safety Office (RSO).   

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